Now that you've picked out the perfect tree for your home... is important that you secure it in a sturdy tree stand with adequate water holding capacity.   Cheap is not always best.  Cheap stands from the big box stores are often made of lightweight material, have difficult screws to tighten, and have little room to hold water.  Did you know that fresh cut Real Trees can drink 1 - 2 gallons of water per day for the first week?  No matter where you buy your stand, please make sure it holds at least 1 gallon of water.



Our Most POPULAR Tree Stand




  • We drill a hole in bottom of tree using the drill machine
  • Rebar stand with plastic 2-gallon bowl is hammered on
  • Easy-off!  Spin off counter-clockwise
  • Stands are made of sturdy rebar and are re-usable year after year.

Small stand (up to 5' tree)  $24
Super Medium (up to 8' tree)  $39
Large (up to 12' tree)  $44
Reinforced Large (up to 12' tree)  $65

Note: "The hole from the TREE DRILL is for attaching our "pin stands".  The hole does NOT increase water uptake and is not needed for other types of tree stands."

Cinco Express

Super fast and simple to operate

Named Express because of the bolt system, this model has a push-pull ratchet mechanism that makes set-up and take-down easier than ever.

Made from virgin, high-impact polypropylene assures durability and reliability and plastic handles and steel end-caps round off the package.

With a low, wide and generous water holding reservoir the model accommodates low branches and keeps the tree fresh. Steel spikes to the center of the reservoir anchor the tree safely, prevent shift and makes set-up a snap.

Reinforced holes on the outer edge of the stand allow attachment to plywood if extended stability is needed when used with an extra large tree. Spill guard prevents over-filling mishaps.

C-152E   (up to 8' tree)     $25
C-148E   (up to 10' tree)   $35
C-144E   (up to 12' tree)   $45