Wranglers 2019 wall

Hollow Creek Christmas Tree Wranglers

One of the best things about this career is working with the "young guns" that pass through every year.  My wife, Lisa, describes it as a sort of boot camp; it's short term, fast-paced, and they're asked to work hard from the get-go. The camaraderie is palpable and I'm blessed to always have a front row seat as they cut, bale, lift, shake, drill, hammer, carry, load... all with a smile on their faces and the customers' needs on their minds.

I do get compliments on the trees, but I get waaaaay more compliments on the conscientious service these energetic young'uns provide.

If you ever hear someone say today's young generation is lazy with no work ethic, or if you tend to believe it yourself, stop by one busy weekend and watch. I think you'll be impressed.