Jingles Cypress, a Hollow Creek EXCLUSIVE

While shearing, we noticed a few our Leylands had unique characteristics that made it a superior Christmas tree.  Once we were sure of what we had, we gave it the name “Jingles”, started propagating them and have begun adding them to our planting rotation.
We only have a few dozen available this Christmas but, in a few years, customers will be asking for this beauty by name!
  • Similar to the regular “Leighton Green” Leyland but with fuller, finer foliage, a slightly different green color
  • Don’t let the water run out and Jingles should last up to 2 months with no shedding
  • So far, Jingles has shown resistance to disease which could make it desirable as a privacy screen
  • Unique to Hollow Creek Tree Farm!  You won’t find Jingles anywhere else!
Jingles Cypress