Fresh Cut Concolor Fir

Unavailable in 2023.

We’ve searched high and low, through many states and have not found any growers with Concolor fir availability.  All firs seem to be in short supply this year, more so niche trees like the Concolor and other exotics. We’ll try again next year! 

Because Concolor Fir needs higher elevations and a long, cold dormant season, Christmas tree farmers in SC cannot grow them. They are grown in several northern states, but in small numbers, making it difficult to find a reliable source. Hollow Creek Tree Farm owner, Mike McCartha, was determined to add it to his farm’s inventory. “Concolor fir has been one of my favorite Christmas trees ever since I saw it at a Virginia Christmas tree growers meeting 20 years ago,” McCartha says. “It’s a tree I want to try for my family, and I figured, since I’m not getting any younger, I better act sooner than later to acquire them.”

Once you’ve experienced a Concolor, odds are you’ll never want anything else.

 All of our freshly cut trees are displayed in water and under shade.

  • Citrusy aroma
  • Excellent needle retention
  • Soft, plush, blue-green foliage
  • Sturdy limbs, good for medium-weight ornaments
  • RARE!  Chances are, no one else you know will have one!

 Only at Hollow Creek Tree Farm!

Concolor Fir