We call Leyland Cypress The New Southern Tradition.  Because of its natural beauty and amazing keepability, Leylands are far and away our most popular Christmas tree. 


  • Nothing lasts longer than a Leyland Cypress.  If kept in water, Leyland Cypress will last a couple of months with virtually no shedding. 
  • Must diligently keep water to it.  A full, 8' Leyland can drink up to 2 gallons of water per day for the first several days after being cut.
  • Beautiful Green Color.
  • Fans know Leylands have limbs too soft for heavy ornaments, but choose it anyway because of the unsurpassed needle retention.

Most customers like our Leylands with a sheared look but we will also leave some unsheared for those that prefer a looser more natural shape. 


Our Hollow Creek "Slims" (pictured above) have become increasingly popular with families that need a slimmer tree for a narrow space.