Jay Leno and the Zealous Fire Marshal


Can a REAL TREE catch on fire?  Yes, just like a fake tree, but it is EXTREMELY rare.  The chance of a tree being accidentally ignited is 0.0004%.  Candles, space heaters, faulty wiring are much more dangerous. 

We growers are often frustrated by irresponible media dramatizations attempting to show how flammable real trees are.  It is important to choose a fresh tree and to keep it properly maintained.  However, we hope you will keep the above video in mind whenever you see demonstrations of burning trees on tv.  Please realize that these "experts" ALWAYS use accelerants in order to create drama which has no basis in reality.  

(Hmmm.  How would the Chinese fake tree industry leaders respond if Fire Marshalls poured gas on their product to illustrate how flammable they were?)