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Delivered FRESH Weekly!

Because they were delivered weekly and so fresh, we sold more Frasers last year than ever.

  • Most popular tree in the East
  • Fantastic fir aroma
  • Nice layered branching for ornaments
  • Good needle retention but some shedding is normal  

All of our freshly cut trees are displayed in water and under shade.  Available the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.


Other Fresh Cut trees available in 2019:

Concolor Fir

Scotch Pine 

Fraser Fir 2019 - Shortage?

The rumors of a shortage of Fraser fir Christmas trees this year are true.  (*See below for reason.) 

Rest easy, though… Hollow Creek Tree Farm WILL have an excellent supply of FRESH firs this year!  

Our first delivery of Frasers will actually be coming from Michigan and are certified “SNOWFRESH!”.  (**See below for more info.)  

Our second & final delivery, around Nov 28, will be coming from one of our tried & true NC suppliers.  


*Fraser Fir shortage:  The recession that hit us 10 years ago occurred simultaneously with a glut of Fraser fir Christmas trees.  Many growers found themselves stuck with too many trees and financial losses.  As a result, some quit the business but most simply did not plant as many trees during the next few years.  Now, the economy is booming and demand has more than doubled since the recession. It takes 8 or more years for a fir to mature, which means there will be a shortage not just this year, but for the next 3 to 5.

**The Michigan Snowfresh Christmas Tree is a tree of quality, beauty, freshness and desirability.  The growers of Michigan Snowfresh Trees have certified in writing and have pledged to stand behind all Michigan Snowfresh Trees they produce and sell.  Only Christmas Trees that meet the exacting standards of US #1 or better, and meet the even higher growing and handling specification of the Michigan Snowfresh Program will receive the Michigan Snowfresh Tag.