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Delivered FRESH Weekly!

Because they were delivered weekly and so fresh, we sold more Frasers last year than ever.

  • Fantastic fir aroma
  • Nice layered branching for ornaments
  • Good needle retention but some shedding is normal  

All of our freshly cut trees are displayed in water and under shade.  Available the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.


2019 Pre-cut Fir Inventory

Balsam Fir, 6’ - 11’

Fraser Fir, 6 - 8’

Concolor Fir, 6’ - 9’

We WILL have a few 6’ - 8’ Frasers this year but MOST of our inventory will be Balsam fir.

Fraser Fir 2019 - Shortage?

If you haven’t yet heard about the the Real Christmas tree shortage around the country (actually, the entire North American continent), you will. When our long time NC Fraser fir supplier suddenly stopped wholesaling them 2 years ago, it has been difficult to find a consistent, reliable source of Frasers. Even loyal buyers that have managed to keep their suppliers (many haven’t) are having their numbers shaved 20% -50%.  (Some could not find ANY and are thus not opening this year.)

Last year, we had great luck with a Michigan grower we found in July, but this year he sold out in April and was unable to supply us. It is impossible (without pure dumb luck) to find a fir grower that can supply the number of trees we need on a consistent basis.

So! I figured I’d try something I thought I’d never do: Buy trees from Canada. The distance has always been the bugaboo for me, but since we had such good luck with the Michigan trees last year, my resistance has weakened. The location in Canada is just a couple hours farther north than the Michigan location, after all. And, colder weather is better for all firs, especially in terms of needle retention.