Delivered FRESH Weekly!

Because they were delivered weekly and so fresh, we sold more Frasers last year than ever.

  • Fantastic fir aroma
  • Nice layered branching for ornaments
  • Good needle retention but some shedding is normal  

All of our freshly cut trees are displayed in water and under shade.  Available the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.


Fraser Fir 2020 - Shortage?

If you haven’t yet heard about the the Real Christmas tree shortage around the country (actually, the entire North American continent), you will. When our long time NC Fraser fir supplier suddenly stopped wholesaling them 3 years ago, it has been difficult to find a consistent, reliable source of Frasers. Even loyal buyers that have managed to keep their suppliers (many haven’t) are having their numbers shaved 20% -50%.  (Some could not find ANY and are thus not opening this year.)

Fortunately, we have found a NC grower that produces quality trees and cuts close to delivery times (meaning the trees are FRESH!) and should keep us supplied for years to come.  

Our latest and likely last delivery arrived Dec 2.  Our current inventory as we head into the Dec 5 & 6 weekend, includes plenty of 6-8' Frasers.  We also have a good selection of 8-10' and a few 10-12', but the taller ones generally sell out first so come early this weekend for those! 

Current Fraser Fir Availability - as of 9am, Dec 14, 2020

6-8’   6

8'-9'     2

11'       1  (Wide and full.  Stunning tree.)

Fraser Fir prices

6-8’:          $88-$148. 

8’ - 9':       $148 - $195

11'              $385