Happy owners


"Why We're So Dang Happy."

by Mike McCartha, Owner

The first trees were planted on Hollow Creek Tree Farm in 1976 by my Dad & founder, the late JW McCartha.  Dad began selling a few pre-cut Cedars & White Pines in 1978 and the first choose & cut trees in 1980.  Today, my family & I proudly embrace stewardship of the farm. 

Growing Christmas trees is a labor of love.  We are lucky to be working the seasons outdoors, with our hands, and seeing it all culminate with happy people picking out their family Christmas tree.  It is a mostly low stress endeavor and, unlike the majority of other businesses, customers are always in a good mood!  It is indeed a joyful business and we know we are fortunate to be in it. 

Our goals are to grow healthy, vigorous trees using environmentally responsible techniques; be on the cutting edge of innovation in our industry; and most importantly, facilitate a pleasant holiday experience for our valued customers that hopefully will become part of their holiday tradition.  

For the history of our farm, click here.