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We call Leyland Cypress The New Southern Tradition.  Because of its natural beauty and amazing keepability, Leylands are far and away our most popular Christmas tree. 


  • Nothing lasts longer than a Leyland Cypress.  If kept in water, Leyland Cypress will last a couple of months with virtually no shedding. 
  • Must diligently keep water to it.  A full, 8' Leyland can drink up to 2 gallons of water per day for the first several days after being cut.
  • Beautiful Green Color.
  • Fans know Leylands have limbs too soft for heavy ornaments, but choose it anyway because of the unsurpassed needle retention.

Because our sales have DOUBLED in the last four years, we will have a limited supply of Leylands in 2016, so come early to find yours.  Tree farms from Beaufort to York have experienced similar booms, meaning it will be hard to find Leyland Cypress anywhere this year.  

We will be back with full inventory in 2017 but, in the meantime, check out the new Concolor Fir we've brought in.  If you like Leyland Cypress, you will LOVE Concolor Fir.

                                                  Leyland          Concolor fir

  • Needle Retention          Excellent          Excellent
  • Foliage                          Soft, flat           Soft, plush
  • Aroma                           None                Citrus
  • Limb strength                Light                Medium
  • Availability                    Common          Unique/Rare  (Chances are, no one you know will have one!)