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Delivered FRESH Weekly!

(Because they were delivered weekly and so fresh, we sold more Frasers last year than ever. The last one we sold had been cut less than a week, was kept in water & shade, and felt like it was still growing.  It was a great feeling knowing we could provide such a fresh, quality product.)  

Boy!  Wish we could grow Fraser Fir but it just isn't cold enough.  Great smell!  Strong branches.  Our Fraser firs arrive at the farm freshly cut from Boone, NC, so they should last well through the holidays. 

  • Most popular tree in the East
  • Fantastic fir aroma
  • Nice layered branching for ornaments
  • Good needle retention but some shedding is normal  

All of our freshly cut trees are displayed in water and under shade.  Available the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.